Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Holy BAtman, Robin..April is almost gone!

Where has the time gone???? Life here is going along fast-paced as ever..and I think I must have blinked...cause April's last day is tomorrow! HAppy Birthday Evan!

Life....well...lots has happened..I got to go see "Wicked" with Scott a couple of weeks ago..then HAnnah and I went to see "Lion King" for her early birthday present! Both were AWESOME shows! I cried in both..laughed in both asn was totally amazed by...you guessed... BOTH!
Mark and Scott go see Lion King tomorrow! I am happy for them!...maybe I'll clime into their pocket and see it again! LOVED them !!!

Scott has had stomach aches lately...Dr. thought perhaps an ulcer..I do not really agree..perhaps it is..But I think it is different...just a mom's hunch...we are trying him on a gluten free diet for a bit and see if it helps...then go from there. Scott is busy with school winding up...lifeguarding at the pool and he is starting another job with a friend of MAtt's...managing a lawn mowing company. He will be BUSY this summer! He continues to do very well in school..YIKES..a SENIOR next year!

MAtt is in Denver for the summer..as a lead tech for APX home securities. He is in for a busy one he thinks...they just keep sending more and more sales people...so he and his techs will be BUSY!!!! MAck went with him...yeah for them...we miss him here though!

Graham is in spring training for football this week...and working for an old football coach...at baseball concessions. This is keeping him busy...He was excited to be back in the pads and hitting again! He also is doing well in school...only 3 weeeks left til summer!

Hannah had her honors day today...adn she recieved high honors for 7th grade! She turns 13 in a couple of weeks...ANOTHER TEENAGER!!!YIKES! BUT I LOVE teens! They are alot of fun...can be trouble..BUT THEY ARE GREAT! Fun..crazy...etc..etc..etc!

Krista nad Evan and Thatcher are doing well...according to their blog..we too are grateful to have Evan a part of our family! He is just one of us...whatever THAT means..but he fits right in...and it is wonderfuL! Thatcher is one FANTASTIC little boy..who is growing way too fast! But that is good too! He is healthy and for the most part happy! We love to go visit him!

Mark is busy camping lately it seems...the young men of our ward keep him busy camping..and camping...most weekends it seems lately...but soon it will not be the NICE camping weather! soon it WILL get too hot! But we ahve had a WONDERFUL spring so far! I hope it keep it up! The hot can stay away for a while yet!

I am sad I will nor be making it up for the Low Party in MAy...too many dollars to get there...this is when it is soooooo hard to live in Georgia! I really enjoy it here...it is just tooo far away from extended family! But I have a great family here!

Well..should go get supper on for them...speaking of them..have a great day!