Tuesday, January 8, 2008

HAppy New Year!

Just trying this..WOW..I added a picture!! YEah for me!
Now I will do what I really wanted to dO!

Friday, January 4, 2008

Happy New year!

I hope you all had a fantastic Christmas with family,friends and anybody else who happened by! That does happen usually!

We had a great Christmas here in the south...BUT it was WAY to warm for Christmas for me! Where is the snow? Where is the ice??? BUT the whole fam was here, so I really don't even WANT to complain! MAtt surprized us with the decision to move back to Georgia...and made another quick move. YEAH! That was probably my best gift....the whole family together again! Having Thatcher with us was right up there too! We were so excited they decided to share the day with us! He is growing up way too fast, and sooooooo darned cute!!~!

Boxing day....for those who are a little confused here in the States....it is the day after Christmas...I was fortunate?? enough to have surgery...so that slowed me down a bit...but it was a great lazy few days..that I did not even have to feel guilty about being lazy! You ought to try it sometime....NOT!

Scott spent a few days in Atlanta/Norcross with Krista and Evan and Thatcher and MAtt..and they went to a Thrashers Hockey game! They really had a great time! Lots of fun and laughs for them all!

I am following in Shauna's footsteps...and Leslie's too...My word for this year is TRUST! I want to learn to Trust...My own knowledge, experiences, judgement. My family....they have been taught...My Husband and his love for me! Most of all...TRUST my HEavenly Father...He loves me! HE wants what is BEST for me! HE is there rooting for me every step of the way! My faith!
My instincts, talents, skills, that I can do anything I set my mind to do! And soo much more as the year goes on!
Thanks Shauna and Leslie!

Love to ALL family and friends!
Gramma Bean