Sunday, June 21, 2009

June's Blessings~!

June has been packed full of wonderful blessings! First off, Hannah received her Patriarchal Blessing the first weekend. It is full of wonderful promises just for her! The spirit was in great abundance int he room, I am very grateful to have been a part of it!

Next off...Graham turned 16...driving, dating, etc etc etc! YIKES! Where has the time gone??? We started the celebrations with a dinner at Mi Rancho's...and had fun! He got his iShuffle and is happy!The 14th he was ordained a Priest in the Aaronic Priesthood...and it was a special occasion in and of itself, but was added to it as Scott ordained him. It was Scott's first blessing given, and it was so wonderful to be there witnessing him excercise his priesthood in that manner! Again, a spiritual day! Then today..he, Scott and Mark sat side by side to bless the Sacrament today! I am so grateful for the power of the Priesthood in my home!

Tomorrow is the first day of EFY for Graham and Hannah...Hannah's first! I am excited for their adventures there!

Last night Graham had his birthday party..a "dive-in" at Donna's pool. They had a good time, and all was well until Hannah got sad, and started crying, missing Molly...and it was soooo precious...Graham beat me over to her and picked her up in his arms and rocked her and talked to her so tenderly until he had her laughing. It was such a blessing to watch him take care of his little sister! What a great family I have!

Scott heads off tomorrow as well, bit to UGA for orientation to UGA! YIKES!!!!

How can this be true??? I am only 22!!!!!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Ramblings on a Sunday morning!

Today I woke up and as I chatted with my niece, I realized I really miss my extended family right now! Seeing pics of snow in June doesn't exactly make me want to BE there(jokes), But I really wish it wasn't so far, or so expensive to travel.

Life is great, life is busy! I look back and see so much posted about Scott, but it has been a big year for him...And now, to add...a little late...he has now graduated from High School!

It was was pouring rain when it was over...but it was a fun day! Above you see the 450 graduates we got to cheer on as they walked across the stage! I LOVE graduation day! It was a great day, Krista, Evan and Thatcher were there with us cheering Scott on, and partying afterwards too!

We had such a great time at Myron (left) and Corbin's (right) place swimming and eating and visiting! These guys have been friends since about the first day of 6th grade! Corbin and Myron have CP and use guide/work dogs...and I think that is how they met, and Scott was a helper all the way through middle and high school, whenever it was when Corbin's motorized wheelchair tipped over the curb, and Scott was there to help, as no teacher moved in and did anything. Or getting Corbin dressed for grad pictures...Myron and Corbin sitting front and center for the final show of "Beauty and the Beast"cheering him on! ... great friends forever!

We went to my Dr office and had Dr Robillard do a sonogram, to determine Krista and Evan are having ... another boy!!!! YEAH! We are all excited to welcome another Mullins boy to our family!

I am busy with the last portion of getting my RN back..I am working at Care South Home Healthcare Agency...putting in my 160 hours! Then it is DONE! Then I get/have to make a big decision as to what I am going to do! Care South is already trying to get me to work there, Dr Robillard wants me to continue working there, I really would like to work for an Oncologist in our ward, or hospice...DECISIONS!!! I still KNOW the Lord will turn me in the right direction, as He hasn't let me down before! PATIENCE....I still have NOT mastered that!

I chatted with Matt yesterday, he is in Buffalo/RochesterNY for the summer, and I am jealous he is in Canada today...camping and eating good Canadian stuff!!! AND Krista gets to go there later this month!!! Fair???? I think NOT! He is enjoying the area very much it seems...

We have a new dog these days..his name is Clyde....Matt thinks it is his dog...BUT we'll see if he gets him back after the summer! Clyde and Cloe have soooo much fun together and really enjoy each other very much! THE backyard has very little grass from them running and running and running...but they really have fun together!

Enough rambling...have a great Sabbath Day!