Saturday, February 16, 2008

Cudos for Shauna and Evan!

YEAH!!! Thanks to Shauna and heros...Gramma's house is looking SOOO great!
I ahve Thatcher here this weekend, nad it is WONDERFUL! He is growing up sooo fast, and doing so many things...eating so many new things and I am LOVING IT!!! Will post pictures later!

Thanks again for the great background!

Saturday, February 2, 2008


Yeah, January is over! I find january and sometimes February to be hard months for me! Don't know why really...perhaps just getting old! (I am a gramma now!!!) BUT... February is going to be a FANTASTIC month...I am going to make it that way!!!!

The other day I got the BEST message left on my answering machine...It was Thatcher laughing and laughing..That REALLY brightened my day! What a GREAT thing this gramma thing is!

So, last night, we went out with some friends of ours..Doug and Donna Lowry...and Kevin and Tina Jones..for Donna's birthday dinner...we were headed for Myabi's(so I don't know how to spell...getting old!) but there was a 2 hour wait...Soooooo what do we do now....They...okay..we wanted we decided to try a new one...I went with great trepedition...and was VERY happy to find a better Japanese restaurant than Myabi's! They served noodles AS WELL AS rice!!! YEAH! Krista..we will have to go there sometime with you!!! Afterwards we went back and played Mexican Train dominos...and had ice cream cake for dessert! I really had a great time!