Monday, September 29, 2008

Happy Birthday to MY kids grandma~!

Today would have been my mom's 91st birthday...unfortunately she passed away almost 8 years ago.
But I have been thinking of her lots today, and have been trying to post on my family site..but haven't been able I got a great idea to post here instead!
Things I have been remembering about my mom:
*She loved music..she would sing all day...doing chores, walking, playing, or falling asleep! One of her favorite songs/hymns was "I am a Child of God" That is what we sang to her as she passed away. The fourth versewas especially appropriate for her then. "I am a Child of God. His promises are sure. Celestial glory shall be mine, if I can but endure." She endured! The grandkids also sang it at her funeral! It was beautiful! Thanks..I am sure it was not an easy thing to do...but it was her one wish for her funeral! It was from her I gained my love of music!
*She also had stories and poems for lots of situations...for example...when we would argue..."Two little kittens one stormy night, began to quarrel and then to fight. One had a mouse, the other had none, and that's the way the quarrel begun. "I'll have that mouse!" said the older cat. "You'll have that mouse, we'll see about that!" As I told you before it was a stormy night, when the two little kittens began to fight. Then along came the old woman with her sweeping broom, and swept those two little kittens right out of that room. Out in the cold and frost and snow, the two little kittens had no place to go. So they curled themselves up on the mat by the door, while the angry old woman finished sweeping the floor. Then they crept in as quiet as mice, covered in snow and cold as ice. They figured it was best that night to lie down and sleep than to quarrel and fight!"
or....The poem "Who loved her best" I do not remember that one completely..but you can find it online.
or..I am a daughter of Royal Birth, my Father is Father of heaven and earth....
*mom loved to bake! Cinnamon rolls..brownies..bread...cookies...butterhorns...YUMMY! When we lived in the frozen north of Ft. McMurray..she used the trunk of her car as extra freezer space...which always had something yummy in it! Usually to give away to someone else!
*She was the queen of service! Her motto was..."If you feel down and sorry for yourself, get out and do something for someone else!" Do you know what? it works~!!!~! Sometimes I need to remember that! She served her family...her church...her neighbors..but ultimately it was her Heavenly Father whom she served...Mosiah 2:17"...when ye are in the service of your fellow beings, ye are only in the service of your God"!! She loved to serve her God!
*Mom LOVED her family! EVERY ONE OF US!!! Even when we least deserved it! She especially loved the grandchildren..and now I am a gramma..I KNOW what it is like! It is different! I remember feeling it was such an honor to give up my room for the grandkids to visit!
She knew us too! When I would have a bad day..and living away from home..FREQUENTLY I would get a call from her just checking in...had a feeling I needed to check in she would say!
* Mom LOVES her Heavenly Father! She showed everybody this in her actions..NOT the big things...but the small things...her example, her service, her love, her....Her testimony was built on the said in Helaman 5:12 and Matthew 16. I know she is in a fantastic place..continuing what she was doing here...loving, serving, singing...Hope you are loving it mom!

We miss you here, but I am grateful to know you will always be my mom...and we have been sealed together for eternity! I know you are preparing things for when we join you and dad! Thanks for everything! Always!



Monday, September 22, 2008

Livin the Dream!

Hannah and her CUTE new haircut! LOVE IT! This is how we LIVE THE DREAM here in Evans!

What could be better than loungin in the pool with Thatcher! We had a blast in there...Look MA!! Again we got to enjoy having T Man at our house WITHOUT mom or dad! They were celebrating their anniversary...and painting...or so they said!
Let's hope this is a dream....My Sweetheart...YIKES!!!
Thatcher LOVING the whipping cream...HE is living the dream too..."gain" he would say...and clap his hands...and of course Gramma would HAVE to give it to him!!! FUN!
Scott...livin the dream.Where's Scott..?....right in the middle of the picture...starting a didn't end as hoped..he has been having lots of stomach troubles...and this race was actually the week he had the stomach flu as well...oh well....
Hannah is living this dream! Meet Chloe..the newest addition to our Zoo. She is a SWEET dog...we adopted last week..we had fostered her for a couple of weeks before that. Molly is tolerating her by now...we'll see how Lucy takes to having a new dog at her second house! Mack and Clyde get here next week too..It WILL be the true LOWRYZOO then!

Life is GREAT! I have a wonderful (albeit strange) husband..whom I love VERY much. I have 5 Great children...1 incredible son in law...1 FANTABULOUSO grandson!!! 2 dogs..1 cat..and fantastic extended family whom we love and MISS terribly! I have the gospel in my life, which gives me the strength to get through life. I am truly blessed!