Thursday, January 8, 2009

Happy New Year!

I love my family! I love my husband...I love my children! I LOVE my grandson! I love my extended family... I aspire to be just like one of my nieces IF I ever grow up! She is wise beyond years...and always know what and when to say it! Thanks!!!

Shauna started me, last year on having a theme...and without even realizing I had it already decided for me this was.

Last General Conference Elder Joseph B. Wirthlin gave a MOST fantastic talk entitled, "Come what may, and love it" I decided then that that would be my motto...or theme for my life, starting with this year!

The way we react to adversity can be a major factor in how happy and successful we can be in life. Isn't that soooo profound!?

I put it to the test yesterday...and it helped a bad day stay bad...but I could laugh at it..and didn't stress out as bad as I usually do!

If you haven't read it...take a minute or two and read it.
May this year be filled with laughter, seeking for the eternal, remembering the principle of compensation..the Lord's way...and putting our trust in our Father in Heaven!

Come What May, and LOVE it!

Geri's Terrible, Horrible, No good VERY bad Day!

I love children's books, and one of my favorites is Alexander's Terrible, Horrible, No good Very Bad Day! This poor boy has a BAD day... nobody like him, everybody gets what they want but him! He get into trouble at his dad's office...for calling China...and has to eat non sugar cereal WITHOUT prizes! So..his solution to it all is to move to Australia! I think I'll join him there!

Yesterday was one of those days! Didn't sleep up too early...hurt my shoulder...broke a bottle of A1 sauce...which also chipped my tile floor as it hit...wore the before mentioned A1 sauce therefore STINKING of A1 sauce( I HATE A1 sauce by the way!) Had to keep two dogs and one grandson OUT of the A1 sauce..and broken glass...which they ALL thought was TERRIBLE!!! a dog's and boys ultimate playground...A1 sauce ALL over the kitchen floor...great finger painting medium! (Try it sometime!) Anyways...back to my day....
So it is now cleaned up...grandson back in he could not cope that early in the it was only 6:15am!!! and he had been up for 1 1/2 hours!!! and head to the bath tub! YEAH...I no longer smelled of know! I LOVE baths...and it was great to be clean...the rest of the day was going to be fantastic! I was drying off...something in my shoulder went chrrrrip...PAIN followed with movement. Oh well..the day MUST go on! Get dressed because it could NOT get any worse! Mark had to go to the High School to sign out Graham's cell phone that was taken away by a he was gone...Let's take out the garbage to the bin on the back deck...wait..did I tell you that a big storm woke me at 0400h??? well it did! so...the deck is wet...NO BIG DEAL..USUALLY!
The garbage safely deposited in the bin..let's head back in to finish getting ready for work! Open door...step in the door with right hits the tile...wet...and you guessed left leg caught on the threshold...bruise on the I reached out to catch save my knee from hitting the tile...pain again shot through my shoulder as it was the same one already pulled! I went in and cried!!! THen realized that there was no one to hear me or give me any I finished getting ready for work...ahhhhh get away from the horrible accident prone morning!

The drive was great..light rude drivers that morning...somebody else was having a bad day as I drove past and accident..poor people! I got to work on time...YEAH for me! but alas...the office manager was not yet there..oh well, she'll be right behind me! will the receptionist! so I start getting ready for my patients...say hi to the two Docs...and basically ignore the patients who are filling up the waiting room...Not my job to check them in...the receptionists will be here any minute! NOT...soon it is late for the patients appointments..and NOBODY else is there! I try the office answer. The other receptionist comes bursting through the door and says..."Who have you heard from?" NOT a good thing to hear! Comes to be that the other nurse had a sick she was not coming in that was they only had OB patients..easy!...The first mentioned receptionist had a message left with the other a nuclear medicine tech...(following me???) that she was having a nuclear test and would be late! Nobody knew! So the other receptionist...looked at me...who was looking at my doc...and we.....

Then said...let's get to work! My Doc is great....poor guy ended up taking back his first two patients back on his own...and I did not even see them! it was a comedy I am sure looking on...SO..Tiffany gets she takes over the other docs I can get to mine...BUT the easy OB day turns out to be complicated OB day...with complicated procedures and her not knowing his routine..or where anything is...Again..what can one do...but LAUGH!
We made it though the we went for lunch! and the wind was blowing sooo hard it took two big girls to push the door open...again...we LAUGHED!

I think I'll move to Australia!