Monday, September 21, 2009

Blessings in September!~

September 2, 2009, Mark and I left the house for Charleston SC. We had a room at the Marriott, which was very nice! We celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary in August(!) and went for supper, so we added this nice night on our trip to Charleston... That night we went downtown and found a quaint little restaurant that was still open called Garibaldi's and had a MOST delicious dinner. Mark had the Crispy Flounder, a whole flounder that had been diamond scored and fried with a mango chipotle sauce. I had the Mahi Mahi with lump crab stuffing. Did I mention it was DELICIOUS???!!!! The soup and salad were also DELICIOUS!

The next morning we went for a walk down the battery row, and along the Ashley River. It is so beautiful there! Here is Mark with the Oleanders...

This is in the park...Great trees for climbing..I have thought about the kids when they were younger, how much fun they would have had here!

I LOVE this view! Later that day, (Sept 3) I took Mark to the MUSC...Medical University of South Carolina to have surgery. He had a Choledochal cyst, which was ressected there by Dr Kathryn Morgan. We were very happy with her as a doctor, and the hospital was very nice!

Here is a picture of him Friday...with all his tubes, BUT sitting up in the chair! He did GREAT! He had an epidural for post op pain, and it really seemed to help him alot! He had an NG tube, foley, IV, and the epidural. His recovery there went VERY well...his surgery was at 3:00pm, and was in his room by 8:00pm. That night was not restful for me, but he slept quite well with his drugs being pumped into him as he needed. Saturday he went for a short walk in the hallway a couple of times. By Sunday, he was lapping the hall 2-3 times each walk..which he did 3-4 times. They let hime have ice chips Saturday...YEAH! Sunday was met with clear liquids...the NG came out! MORE walking!!!! He got very handy with pushing his IV pole carrying all the extra gadgets he was attached to! Monday the epidural came out so did the foley, and he got to eat REAL food...NOT much appetite though! Tuesday, we got to GO HOME! YEAH! We were both excited to go, but very unsure of how well he would travel! But, as the rest of is went, he did very well! GLAD To be home!

Sunday I found the local ward for church and attended...having a bad day that day, I was hoping to go in and be unseen and unheard...well, NOT! Heavenly Father had different plans for me! I walked in and was met by a gentleman who so very warmly greeted me. Then few steps down the hallway I was greeted by a warm and friendly sister. So I decided I would sneek in the back of the chapel and the rest of the meetings would be alone. WELL....WRONGO PONGO! There sitting in the middle of the chapel were 3 families from the Augusta area...Steven's Creek ward! seeking in alone thingy here! The Jones' family, the Horton family and the Jensen's were all vacationing in Folley Beach and were at church that day. Following church the Horton Men went and visited Mark and gave him a blessing! How great was that!
Here is the vies from Mark's room! Above the building is teh Ashley river...some days I could see many sailboats cruising the river.

I was VERY blessed to have met this wonderful family...the Harmon's. Patrick(not here) is a 3rd year Medical Student at MUSC...was a youth pastor in Savannah the same time my dear friend Cheryl and Randy beach were there. Patrick and Randy worked together in the church there. Years later, the Beaches brought the Lowry's and Harmons together. They opened not only their home to me, but their hearts and family too! From left...Maddie, MacKenzie, Kitsie(mom) Masy, Mallory and little Merideth..or Bear! They REALLY were the greatest blessing to me while there! They lived a short distance from the hospital and they gave me the key and I wandered in an out as needed! The bed was WONDERFUL the food was DELICIOUS but most of all the LOVE was SOOOOO welcomed!

Tuesday morning I got up and took Maddie and Mallory to the beach for a quick dip in the ocean!
This is Folly Beach!
Maddie and Mallory

The surf....soooo much fun!

The Pier! I LOVE the beach! it is such a place of comfort to me! I am grateful to live close enought o be able to go once in a while!

This past Sunday, September 20th, was another wonderf day of blessings! Scott received the Melchezidek Priesthood. Mark ordained him an Elder!

Poppi(Dan) Crunk, Mark, Scott, Doug Lowry, Graham and Evan Mullins were in the circle! Soooo Grateful for family...adoppted and natural!
Mom and Dad! Proud parents!

The whole group of our Georgia family! Micheal, Donna and Doug Lowry. Mark, Geri, Scott Graham and Hannah Lowry. Dan and Patti Crunk, Krista, Evan and Thatcher Mullins. So sad Matt could not make it!
Our family except Matt! He was there in spirit though!
What a wonderful day..what a WONDERFUL family! I love each and every one of them!

Saturday, September 12, 2009


This is Scott's 18th Birthday Party...a Murder Mystery! Set in 1955...New year's Eve!
Above "pretty Boy" David grant(See previous post!) and Shelby Dorsey!
Graham questioning Evan! WHO DUNNIT???

So intent on figuring it out...and I think they actually DID!

Best friends..BOTH finally 18!!!
Heather Riddle!
Yumm! Krista did a great job with the sprinkles!
Heather Riddle and Michael Ryan...the three musketeers along with Scott... They pulled this thing a surprise, until it was "revealed" the night before!! Oh was fun!
The whole group singing happy Birthday!

Pa got to spend the night with his favorite Thatcher!

Clyde and Chloe REALLY belong together ..MATT!!! They really do love each other!
Chloe had the best summer with Clyde by her side every minute! all came to an end when Matt took Clyde back home to Atlanta with him! She is still sad Matt!

This ends July...pretty much....It was went FAST! AND I had to work TOO MUCH! I miss the work-less summers of passed! But onward!

September AlreadY!???~~~!

Where has the summer of 09 gone??? I cannot believe it has come and back to school...CRAZY!

So I ended with telling you that Hannah and Graham were heading off to EFY..they had a BLAST!

Aren't they AWESOME???!!!

This is Alli sorry if it is spelled wrong...Alli and Hannah are great friends..Alli lives in Lilburn...Krista's ward and Hannah LOVES to go visit her..which is another thing she got to do a few times this summer! And we get to drive her!!! :)

Graham got his lifeguarding, so he spent his summer at the pool...saving lives...really and literally! He had to pull a 3 year old out of the deep end and give her rescue breaths to get her going! He has grown so much this so many ways!

And in other ways...well....Yes that is a WALL E cake!

In June, I started my clinicals for getting my RN back...In July I finished them!!! I earned back my RN...and can now sign G. Lowry RN again! That was a HUGE relief to get that done!

In June Graham got his license...3 days...yes THREE days later...he got a speeding he LOST his license...per mom and dad! (for a month...minus a little bit for good behavior!)

In August he got to go to court..and LOST his license to the Judge! for 30 days...minus 14 due to his dad needing surgery out of town..but that is for another post!

In July...Hannah went to YW camp with Krista's ward/stake...had a ball. Graham worked at the pool. Scott worked at the lake!

In July, Hannah and Graham went to Youth did David Grant, the "pretty boy" Graham met at EFY...just a fun name I er... many of us called him!

Well...this is enough for this posting! See ya soon!