Wednesday, June 16, 2010

the Zippidy do dah Bonga Date!

Thatcher and I went on a Bonga date when we went to Florida last month! "A BONGA date...NOT a Momma date!" T would remind me!
He did not know where we were going...neither did his mom...until we got DISNEYWORLD!
The monorail was our first adventure!...he loved riding on it!
Now..these pictures are not in an order...I just added them randomly...except the last ones as they are of the VERY best part of teh day for Thatcher!

T LOVED playing in this "Snow" He played for probably about 15 minutes..."Come sit with me Bonga" "Let's make a snowman!" "Come touch the snowman Bonga!"

Isn't he the cutest!

Pizza Planet..He sat in or on EVERY bike, car, truck, played every game, sat in every booth at least once! Uncle Matt and Graham would have LOVED this bike!
Honey I Shrunk the Kids playground. HE LOVED THIS PLACE! We have pictures of his mom playing here when she was 5! SOOO MUCH FUN! Even Bonga went down the slides!

"Are the pistons pumping?" he asked the engineer!
"Where is the coal" Thatcher wondered!
M-I-C-K-E-Y M-O-U-S-E!!!!
"We are on a Bonga date...not a momma date, Right Bonga?"
" Thank you Bonga. I love this Bonga date"
" I love our Bonga date!"
Thatcher LOVED the parades! Loved teh Ice cream!
I LOVED being with my Thatcher!
"I love you Bonga!" "I love you too Thatcher!"
We got to see So many friends in the parades..he did not want to go see Woody and Buzz in person..I was glad too, because teh wait time was 45 minutes!
We did see Little Einstiens and Handy Manny...after which he said.."I know Handy Manny...I Love Hand Manny!"

Then we rounded a corner and saw...

This was the perfect ending to a perfect day! He HAD to wait in line for these pictures..and he kept looking up at me and smiling and saying "OHHHHHH" then dancing from excitment!
Disney...through the eyes of an almost 3 year old grandson! NOTHING quite like it!
There will be more Bonga dates...and I think I decided that this will have to be a Bonga tradition. on one with the grandchildren!
Life...What could be better???