Tuesday, June 3, 2008


Shauna talked about watching the time...well..It is GOING WAY TOOOO FAST here for me to watch it! Where DID May go?

Well...it went to having my Thatcher with me for a few days...IT WAS FANTASTIC!!! We went hiking, went swimming..played and played and we..played some more! What a great early mother's day gift for me!

School is out...with all the end of school things that go on...That took up lots of time too.

Football weight training started..and that requires my Taxi hat to be on...LOTS! And Graham is working at the baseball games 3 days /week....more taxi driving...BUT I LOVE IT...

Work kicked up a notch or two the last couple of weeks of May as well..as we launched the new website... www.wheretraveler.com A cool tool to help you find where you might like to eat/shop/find cool things to do in 40 cities in the US..but will be expanding to other areas as we can sell it to them! Hoping to get into Canada when the iphone gets there!

Now it is June..Graham will be getting his permit to learn to drive...LOOK OUT WORLD!!!! He turns 15 on June 9th!!! Again...where has the time gone??? He hopes to take the exam next Tuesday..as the DMV is not open on Mondays...then.......

I GET TO GO TO THE BEACH!!!!!! YEAH!! can y0ou tell I am a little excited????? Krista and Thatcher, Hannah, Graham and I...along with Moriah and her mom Cheryl...(friends who are moving this summer) Leave after Graham takes the test..until Sunday! YEAH!!! We have my friends' beach house...one house off the beach...I CANNOT WAIT!!!

One thing I did NOT get to do was go to my family reunion...BUT I have a great family..and I got to see lots of cool pics..and hear lots about it..so I got a taste of it! Thanks to all for the pics!

Well..I should get something done around here...but I would love to hear form anyone out there in cyberspace!

Love to all

Gramma Bean!