Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Summer...ahhhhhhh.... BIRTHDAYS!
Hannah turned 13 this summer..YIKES! we celebrated with a cookout with the Beaches, and the GA Lowrys. BUT that is NOT where the celebrations began....First we took a road trip to Atlanta for......


Does the time go??? I WILL get better at this one day! "One day" is just an illusion for me it seems some days...some days seem to be getting more and more frequent for me as well. But enough of that!

Life at the Lowry house is wonderful...crazy...busy...entertaining...all of the above!

Scott is still battling the never-ending car it for a week...or a day...or a block or half...then fixing the next problem! BUT he is learning a WHOLE lot about car repair! Thanks to friends with knowledge and skill and most of all TOOLS! Mr. Bill has been a LIFE saver! He is also still battling his stomach problems..without much relief, long-term. We get to go see another Dr. next week. Perhaps this will be the one who can help us???!!!! He is trying to keep up with running cross country...difficult with the stomach AP classes...drama...YM's family...YIKES...makes me tired writing it!

Graham is FOOTBALL man!!! He is having to go up a size of dress shirt this fall...weight lifting will do that to you! His coaches are working with him...getting him stronger and stronger...both in muscles..and smell after practices! I LOVE picking up boys after 3 hours of football practice!!! JUST NOT THE SMELL!!!! I am sooo glad his room is the farthest away from the rest of the house! HE is also taking an AP class..and said last night."I may actually have to work this know!" YIKES! He is teaching himself the guitar... and now wants lessons as well! HE just got a lawn care job for a he will be happy for $$ again!

Hannah...What can be said about her! She is in piano this year..out of band..into chorus...the top dog in middle school...starting to babysit...HWen did she STOP needing a babysitter! Growing up WAY TOO FAST! She is doing very well in school...and is REALLY lookign forward to high school next year...(little does she know I am NOT letting her go there!!! YIKES) She got to spend 10 days in FLorida with her best friend who moved there this summer...she had such a great time! Thanks Cheryl! We ALL miss the Beaches! A part of our family moved away!

MArk and I are still plugging to get a couple of hours of sleep every once in a while...But Really WHO NEEDS SLEEP!!!!!????????

Life is good! Keep on checking in...I will get day!