Monday, October 13, 2008

I LOVE the Beach!

I Love the Beach! I love being able to go and relax~! Here are some pics of one of my favorites of God's creations...the sunrise over the ocean!

I love my Heavenly Father and am soooo grateful for everything He gives me..My family, my testimony and this beautiful earth. I am happy I can get away from the hubbub of the busy life occasionally and relax and really take notice of the beauties that are around me!

HaPPy THanksGIviNG!

What a GREAT day Sunday was! Quiet and peaceful! (Ha ha!) But it was fantastic! We had a few people over for Thanksgiving...Canadian Style!
Of Course Thatcher was the center of attention...Aunt Donna made this adorable bib...Turkey and all....was she referring to Thatcher being a turkey??? Hummmmmm
This is Aunt Donna... and uncle Doug Lowry...and Matt...being sooo sweet!
These are some new friends we have made here..Chris is also Canadian...and Penny from Aussie land! Great family....
Nana and Poppy Crunk...and Michael Lowry above...then..Jaimie Lowry, Scott, Graham, Macey Samples..Krista and Hannah...being sooo well behaved..enjoying the feast!!! all came crahing down...Matt....I do not know WHAT got into him...BUT I do know what got all over me!!! Whipping Cream! But I DO LOVE TO SHARE!!!! Love ya MAtt!!!