Sunday, April 26, 2009

Scott's Senior year!

Happy Birthday Scott!

They did a picture scavenger hunt for his party..the kids had a great time!
The first show of his senior year! Theere is a tradition that before the show they circle around and get ready...for the bigger shows they have senior circle...and talk about their senior year experience! This is the cast and crew for "The Complete Works of Shakespeare...Abridged"
Tallest is Drew Bearden, he directed the show. Scott is next to him, then Andy Brands, the third member of the troupe. The techies are Shelby Dorsen, Charlene Batiste, ??, Sarah Bearden.
Meditation before the show!
He drops his cue cards, and completely messes up the story!
Prologue for Romeo and Juliet!
Beautiful(?) Juliet with Handsome(?) Romeo!
The death scene...
For real(???) this time!
Titus Adronagus....ok..I cannot spell!
The (white) Moore of Venice....Othello
Othellia ...told you I cannot spel!!!
Then on to the Spring Musicallll!!!
Beauty and the Beast!

Be Our Guest!

Human again!

Some of his biggest fans!
What a year! It has been fun watching him on stage for the last time in high school...perhaps on day...who knows!

He also ran cross country, did his Senior a 100 on it...and worked as a life guard. he learned a tough lesson in car ownership...and then was blessed from a good friend!

He is off to UGA next year...WOW! Where did the time go???

Where does the time go?

It seems like just yesterday Scott was born...the off to first grade, Now...Look at him! Senior prom and then off to UGA!
Here he is with his date, Devyn LaFrance who came to go with him from Texas. They are good friends and I hope that always continues!

We had dinner here at our house, with 14 ladies and gentlemen, as that what they were that night! They are a great group of kids, from the drama department at school...who know how to have fun the right way! As a mother, I am soooo grateful for friends like these!