Tuesday, February 17, 2009


I was reading my niece Leslie's blog..and it reminded me of my first Valentine's Day in Georgia...11 years ago! In hers, Leslie stated they were not very romantic..well, I think this one tops hers!!! NOT that I am trying to top anything..just brought back a ?fond? memory!

Well...Mark took me out to a very classy restaurant, La Maison, French cuisine..fine dining! That was all WONDERFUL..it was a fairly long evening of fine dining, and when we were full and strolling back to our car, he informed me the evening was not yet over! he had more in store! I could not wait! he then started driving and we talked, and I pushed to find out what was next! Well, he had decided to to to a small town nearby, Grovetown...to...are you waiting with baited breath yet???

The POLICE STATION to get my fingerprints taken....for INS!!! Can you believe that???!!! it was Midnight..and we were getting my fingerprints taken!!!

YIKES! My man...SOOOOO romantic!!!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Happy Sabbath Morning!

It has been WAY to long since I last posted...and thought today would be a great day to say Good Morning! I had a super fantastic Valentine's Weekend! It started out going to Statesboro to have dinner and an evening with Matt! We went to a Thai place that was wonderful!!! Coconut Thai is the place and FANTASTIC is the review!!! THANKS Matt! We then got to see where he is going to school Georgia Southern University, and walk around campus. It was so fun taking three strong and active dogs around, and letting them swim in the lake on campus!
Saturday, Mark had his usual funtastic candy grams, Delicious and entertaining! Mark sent Hannah and I on a makeover date! It was sooo fun! We went to my hairdresser and each got highlights and cuts! It was Hannah's first highlights, and the results were great! We then went shopping and found her some new Sunday shoes! A great time!
Then Saturday night Mark and I went out for Japanese food! I LOVE this place! Way too much food to eat, but GREAT leftovers for today!
So..today is a fine day to remember to LOVE what has come my way! This is easy!!

However, some days aren't so easy...at work there is often conflicts, and I am learning to stay out of other's garbage! I am getting better at this, so it is a great skill I am learning. Not always easy, but getting easier!

I hope everybody has a fantastic Sabbath Day today!