Sunday, March 23, 2008

THOUGHTS...from a crazy white woman!

Well...February is over...and so is the High School Spring Musical!!! YIKES...this means it is just about time for Masters here in Augusta...time for Azaleas....and Dogwoods!

The musical this year was "Thoroughly Modern Millie"...a great show that takes place in the 20's about a young girl who heads to New York to marry a millionaire....It is funny, and great! Scott played the role of Bun Foo...a chinese man who works for Mrs Meers to kidnap young orphans and send them to Hong Kong, a white slavery ring! He learned Cantanese for the most of his lines were in chinese! AND songs too! We and a great time watching it...I really enjoy being involved with my kids activities...and their friends! It is a BUSY time...and the last couple of weeks has been spent at the school...Crazy during it..but I am already missing it...and it just ended tonight! I will not miss the money and least for a couple of months!

My children are all growing WAY too fast! Scott commented that the next spring musical he is in will be his SENIOR year!!! CRAZY!

Graham is busy with weight lifting for football...and he informed us the other day that he is the strongest freshman on the team..and about 3rd in the sophmores too! so WATCH OUT! He gave a talk at a little boy that he babysits for baptism today....I was a t work so I didn't get to ehar it..but was told he did a great job! And I wouldn't doubt it!

Speaking about work....I went to work at the glass shop today...the first time in about 6 I had a BLAST working with glass again! I made a baby gift for a friend...and just about finished another project that has been needing to get done!

I also was informed this week that I WILL be able to relicense as a nurse here in Georgia! It had NOT been looking good for a this was FANTASTIC news!

Well..I am way too tired to be tyoing..this is taking about twice as long as it I am having to type and RETYPE most everything!

See you all later..and have a Very HAPPY EASTER!