Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Where oh where is my head!???

I cannot believe it is DECEMBER!!!! sooo much has been happening in my little corner of the world...and I do NOT know where life has gone!

Here is Hannah SINGING..."In my Own Little World" at her Recital...she did a GREAT job!

And Playing...she is really doing well with her music! I LOVE it when she plays and sings together!

My second grandson was born in October...Levi Cooper..and WHAT a joy he is! He and Thatcher are best of friends!

I got to take Thatcher to the County fair in November, LOTS of fun!

He HATED the rides...LOVED the cotton candy...and LOVED the animals from a distance! GREAT memories!!!

Graham had a great year at football....not many pics as they are night games

Number 40 had his name called for many tackles this year...he earned a starting position as inside linebacker and LOVED it!

He had his football banquet this week and he won the Character award! This was his first year as Varsity player. He really enjoyed it! He is now gearing up for Diving and swim team for the school! He is STILL the energiser bunny....just keeps going and going! Something new all the time!

Life is GOOD...Come what may and love it has been a very fitting theme. As this year comes to a close, I think back and look at what I have done, and it is truly a RN again, it seems like a lifetime ago I wrote the exam, and now I am working! I have TWO grandsons... FANTASTIC! DOUBLE the pleasure! Double the fun! (If anybody else is old enough to remember that commercial...) Mark had a great recovery from his surgery..I met wonderful friends...we got to travel lots to see Graham play...but also got to see family in ATL! All is all a GREAT year! It is sooo crazy we only have two kids at home anymore! Scott is doing great at UGA...first semester JUST about over! It is fun to watch him grow and mature..and LOVE the college life! Next step...a mission.

SO many Blessings....gotta LOVE it!

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